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BK on Full Representation
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Could the government shutdown have been avoided if we had a ranked voting system?
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The road to better leadership--Ranked Voting

Why Ranked Voting? The most powerful thing you can do to improve politics in Minnesota is to support ranked voting. Find out how ranked voting can reduce polarization, increase participation, encourage more choices, and turn the focus from divisive issues to real solutions.

San Francisco Saves $1 Million Using Ranked Choice Voting

Burlington, Vermont--A Successful Instant Runoff Mayoral Election

My Testimony to House Committee--Municipalities should have the right to choose ranked voting

MCCL not fair to Minnesotans--Pro-Lifers, Please Read This

Ireland--Home of Ranked VotingIreland has the Best Electoral System in the World--Why Don't We?

GOAL: Every voter may rank the candidates

Often there are three or more candidates for a single office. Currently we are allowed to choose only one as our vote. We should also be allowed to say who our second choice would be, and our third, and so on.

As voters, ranking our choices would allow us to express our opinion about all the candidates. Choosing only one is frustrating, because we sometimes are forced to choose between voting for the candidate we really want or voting against the one we really donít want.

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ASPIRATION: Every voter will be represented by a legislator that he or she voted for

Seem impossible? Letís take an example.

There are 67 Senate districts in Minnesota. But letís simplify by saying there were 65. If we combined these districts so there were 13 districts with 5 senators in each district, we could use a Full Representation voting system. Most voters would have at least one senator that they voted for.

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